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Let Us Show You How to Drive Shoppers to Your Showroom with the Power of Digital Marketing

According to a study commissioned by, television, radio, and direct mail are the least trustworthy or helpful sources of information, and therefore the least likely to drive shoppers into your showroom. Skipster has a comprehensive set of digital tools designed to help you take advantage of this trend to generate more sales through digital marketing.

But the facts about digital marketing are impressive. Resarch shows that shoppers use numerous online sources to research and compare cars, with independent sites constituting half of those. 49% of the 1,000 respondents said search engines are influential and 42% said they go to auto dealership sites first.


Use Search Engines
Visit Dealer Sites
Find Dealers Online
Respond to Radio
Visit One Dealership
Use Internet on Lot



Internet Starts the Process

Recent research provided by Ebay shows that 9/10 car shoppers born between 1980 and 2000 turn to the Internet when shopping for a new car or truck and 2/3 of older motorists say technology has changed how they shop for cars.

Forget Radio Commercials

Only 8% of shoppers in the survey said radio advertisements help influence their buying decisions and 9% said billboards have any influence. The internet has forever changed the way shoppers buy new cars and trucks.

Visits Come Late in Process

Dealership visits are still obviously required, but 68% of respondents said they used online sources to find a dealership. 20% those shoppers visited just one dealership and 25% visited more than one.


Research also shows that most new car buyers start the shopping process with focus on a single model, but often expand their consideration to up to four models through their shopping journey. Today's car shoppers are touched by hundreds of online and offline influences, so it is more important than ever to keep your brand, your inventory, and your reputation in front of potential customers throughout their entire purchase journey.

Fewer than half of all car shoppers said they contacted a dealership prior to visiting. Most of them said with the information online, it is unnecessary to visit a dealership until late in the process. Just a few years ago shoppers would commonly visit ten dealerships before choosing a new car. And even when they do visit a dealership, about 65 % of shoppers reported using mobile devices while on the lot.Our tools and expertise make that process easier.



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