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Social Media and Reputation

Social media offers your dealership an opportunity to interact directly with customers and target the message with laser sharp focus. While many dealerships have been slow to embrace the trend, those dealers who have are seeing remarkable results.

Tweets, Pins, clicks, likes and shares all have meaning and value. They mean people are responding to your digital message and the value is the resulting higher Google search rankings for your site. Social media marketing can drive both organic and paid traffic to your dealership site.

Social Media

Skipster completely automates your Facebook and Twitter controls, so you can connect with customers, engage with your community, and even list inventory where everyone in your network can see it—all with a few simple clicks.



We’ll create powerful and impressive YouTube video demos to integrate with your online ads—all from photos and vehicle descriptions from your existing inventory.

Online reputation management

We all have a “digital footprint” that is permanent, and crucial to our businesses. Skipster helps you build and keep a rock solid online reputation by sending out surveys on your behalf—and then posting the best reviews on dozens of critical sites for you.
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