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Professional Email Marketing
Let your sales people sell - we'll handle the emails.

The old reliable advertising tactic of buying full-page ads in the local newspaper no longer works. Newspaper readership is down across the country and decisions are being made now by a generation of younger savvy buyers who get their news in snippets on their smart phones. They text, they Tweet, they pin it, they share it on Facebook ... but they don't read newspapers and they don't listen to radio commercials.

And that means they can be reached. Car dealerships and email marketing is a marriage made in heaven! Email marketing is perfect for the younger buyers who rarely put their smart phones and tablets down, and informative email blasts appeal to older people, as well. More and more of them have embraced the new technologies and fewer and fewer of them have newspapers tossed onto their porches every morning.

Email marketing allows you to stay in constant contact with both existing and potential customers, to keep them informed about new models, special rebates and finance offers. But car people are not chosen for their gift of writing, they're selected for their “gift of gab.”  They are not trained to create nice looking emails and they certainly don't know how to blast them out. Have your salespeople focus on what they do best -- selling cars and trucks and SUVs -- and let us handle the email side of tings.

Sales people are not chosen for their gift of writing, they are selected for their “gift of gab.”  We create professional looking emails with content that gets people into your dealershop and we review them for accurate spelling, language rules and with respect for all cultures. Additionally, we rely on a tremendous amount of psychology, in the sales process, to build trust and have the customer engage with you. Our Templates are tried and tested, they are up to date with the latest consumer trends and will adapt as buying habits change.

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